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Adult Story First Time Sex Cherry Popping

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Adult Story

Adult Story First Time Sex Cherry Popping Jeanine the virgin, looked up at Robert with apprehensive eyes. He smiled down at her with a barely concealed contempt that made her both revolt against him… and desire him. He told her, withou ceremony, to lie face down on the bed, with a pillow under her tits and her ass in the air.

Jeanine did as instructed, her face pressed into the mattress, a pillow under her chest and her ass high and inviting. She presented a delightful view. Robert once agin marveled at his good fortune. Not only was he going to fuck this gorgeous piece of ass but he was going to be the FIRST to fuck this gorgeous piece of ass. “Are you ready to become a woman, Cunt?” Robert asked.

Jeanine was having a hard time catching her breath. In this position she realized how vulnerable she was to Robert’s advances. All her life she had saved her virginity for her marriage bed. She had fought temptation, and more than one boyfriend, in doing so and now she knew she was going to lose her most precious gift to this evil man.”Tell me how much you want it Jeanine. Beg me to pop your cherry.” Robert taunted.The tears welled up in Jeanine’s eyes as she looked over her shoulder to see Robert idly stroking his manhood.”Please don’t make me do this Robert.” Jeanine pleaded. Robert’s smile faded as his eyes narrowed. “Now, Bitch, get yourself nice and wet and tell me now how much you want me to fuck you.” As Jeanine resigned herself to the inevitable she heard her own voice begin to beg. “Oh yea baby, I need that nice big Cock. See my pussy? It’s all wet just thinking about what your going to do for me.” Jeanine felt Robert’s hand on her backside as her began to knead her cheeks. She jumped as he began to spread her ass open and felt his hot breath on her now exposed pussy. As per his instructions her pussy was leaking profusely. Robert could see her juices begin to run down her thighs. “So you really want my Cock do you?” Robert taunted “Tell me what you want me to do with it.” She was such a sight, hunched over a pillow, her ass waving high above the mattress. As she glanced over her shoulder Robert looked into her lovely green eyes framed by her disheveled hair, tears now streaming down her cheeks. “Put it in me Robert” she cried her voice trembling “Put that big Cock inside me and take my cherry. I want to feel it deep inside me.” Jeanine felt first one then two fingers begin to run the length of her now slimy slit. With his other hand Robert separated her lips then inserted two fingers into her pussy. In one stroke he was buried to the knuckle. Robert could feel the membrane of Jeanine’s cherry at the tip of his finger. Sure enough, the Bitch was a virgin. “Not for long” he thought, removing his fingers and wiping his hand with her hair. Taking his Cock in hand he positioned himself at the entrance to her womanhood. “Dear god” she thought “It’s really going to happen. This animal is going to take my virginity.” A sob racked her body “Please no Robert, don’t do this to me. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings…” In mid plea she felt Robert’s penis push its way past the lips of her vagina. “Oh Jeannie” he said “Your Cunt feels so wet. Don’t tell me you don’t want it. This is something you have needed for a long time. It’s a crime you haven’t shared this hot cunt with any one before now.” Jeanine’s mind raced. She had to admit Robert’s cock did feel good in her pussy. As he gently but firmly pushed forward the head of his dick soon came up against an obstacle. “This is it” she thought “he’s going to do it now. After tonight I’ll be ruined.” Robert felt his cock head push up against her cherry. Robert hadn’t had a virgin since high school and this bitch was tight. If her cunt wasn’t so damn wet he would be having a tough time getting in. Jeanine’s pussy felt like a furnace. With only a small part of his cock buried he couldn’t wait to be balls deep in this fresh pussy. “Tell me to bury it Jeanine. Tell me to pop your cherry” Robert said with enthusiasm. Jeanine couldn’t help herself. As much as she hated Robert and what he was forcing her to do she found herself begging this monster to take from her, forever, her precious virginity. “I need it Robert, I need to feel you balls deep in me. Rip me up you bastard, do it now!” she shouted Robert laughed out loud. Taking a hand full of her blond hair he pulled back forcing her head up and arching her back in the process. “What a delicious sight” he thought. Pulling back slightly he took a deep breath then pushed hard. What ever small pleasure Jeanine may have felt ended abruptly as Robert tore through her virginity. The pain took her by surprise but in a moment she felt Robert’s large balls slap against her pussy flesh and she knew she had taken all of him. The feeling of fullness was incredible! In a way she was proud of herself. She had taken all 8″ of him. Robert began to pull out but quickly slid back home. He began to build a rhythm gradually taking longer and longer strokes until he has sheathing and unsheathing his full 8″ on each stroke. Releasing his hold on her hair Robert reached around and began fingering her now fully erect clit. “Oh my” Jeanine gasped as she felt Robert’s fingers manipulate her clit. “This feels fantastic!” With each pounding stroke Jeanine could feel something building in her. Her pussy was leaking buckets around Robert’s pounding cock and his fingers felt incredible. Jeanine felt the first wave of her orgasm roll over her. Robert kept sliding his hot, hard cock in and out of Jeanine’s spasming pussy. “The bitch is finally getting into it” he thought. As her orgasm began to ebb he pulled his now dripping fingers from her slit. Looking down he saw her pink ass hole wink at him. Jeanine was moaning softly and pushing back with each stroke. Robert pulled all but his cock head out of her pussy. As one hand kneaded her ass cheek he casually drew his wet fingers to her puckering ass hole. As he gently pushed forward his slick finger popped past her sphincter muscle. Jeanine froze. What was he doing? She hated the feeling of his finger in her ass hole. “No Robert, that’s sick” she complained “Just fuck me, it feels so good.” “Shut up bitch” Robert growled “One more hole left to test.” Jeanine’s heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t be thinking of that. Please god don’t let him be thinking of that! But she knew that he was. Robert’s finger was sawing in and out of her puckering hole. Before she knew it he had two fingers imbedded in her tightest of holes. Dear god how could she ever fit Robert’s big cock in her tiny little ass? Robert was not to be dissuaded though. As he removed his fingers she heard and felt him spit into her ass hole. Jeanine felt Robert pushing his cock head against her rosebud. It felt like a baseball bat. Instinctively she clenched her muscles. “Better relax” Robert laughed “Its going in, one way or the other, but it will hurt a lot less if you just relax.” Robert pushed a little harder. “This bitch was tight” he thought. As he put a little more weight into it he felt the head of his cock push past her tight muscle. He paused for a moment to let her get accustomed to the feeling. He wasn’t an animal after all!

Jeanine tried to catch her breath. Robert’s cock felt huge in her back side. There was no way, she was sure, she could ever accept his huge cock in to her ass. The pain was unbearable. He was pushing agin. First one then two inches disappeared into her ass hole. He began to pull back only to push even more into her. As her abused ass hole became accustomed to its intruder the pain began to subside only to be replaced by something that almost seemed like pleasure. “I can’t possibly be enjoying this” Jeanine thought but certainly the initial pain had eased. The friction of Robert’s cock sawing in and out of her ass hole was developing heat that was indeed pleasurable. Before she knew it she felt Robert’s heavy balls slapping her wet pussy. He was in. She had accepted all of him!

Robert couldn’t believe it. Jeanine had not only taken his full 8″ but her ass was pushing back at him. She was looking for more! He knew she would be a hellcat once she got started but this was beyond his wildest dreams. He began deep stroking her. Pulling all the way out until just the head of his cock was left in her tight hole then pushing all the way back in. Jeanine was actively bucking back at him now. Her moans had turned to grunts as she raced toward yet another orgasm. Robert felt his own orgasm building but he had one final humiliation left for poor Jeanine. Pulling his throbbing cock free of her tight embrace Robert hurried around to the head of the bed to see a bewildered Jeanine looking up at him. “Don’t stop Robert. I’m almost there.” Jeanine squealed. Pointing his cock at her Robert growled “Open up bitch, I want to cum in your mouth.” Jeanine froze. He was NOT going to put his cock, still slimy from her ass hole, into HER mouth! “Oh no Robert, no way, its filthy!” Jeanine gasped. Robert smiled. “Not only are you going to do it but your going to beg me to save some cum to spray your pretty faced with.” Jeanine thought she was going to be sick. As Robert stepped closer to the bed she could smell the stink on his cock. She could see the streaks of blood from her pussy, and yes, the brown stains from her ass. Her stomach roiled but she heard herself begging just as he had instructed. “Give me that cock Robert” she began “fill my mouth with your hot cum baby. I want it all. Spray your cum on my face, in my mouth any where you want to, just do it now!”

Robert liked what he heard. As he pressed his cock into her mouth he saw her nose wrinkle up. She was crying agin and he felt more powerful than he had ever felt in his life. He had broken her. Broken the ice queen. Here she was sucking his shit stained cock and begging him to cum all over her. He felt his balls rising up and the muscles in his legs turning to molten lava. As the cum raced up his shaft Robert let out groan. As his cock shot its first load into her mouth he looked into Jeanine’s eyes.”Jack it for me baby” Robert moaned “Jack it into your face.”

Jeanine’s small hands began milking his spurting cock. Another charge flew into her mouth but she directed the next shot onto her pretty face. It struck her just below her eye and began to run down towards her chin. The following volleys struck her nose and chin. As his orgasm subsided Robert looked down at his handiwork. Jeanine was a mess. Taking his softening cock in hand he began to smear his cum all over her face. “I have one last suggestion for you Jeanine” Robert said with a smile “I want you to remember this as a pleasant experience. I want you to think of me as someone you can’t live without.” As Jeanine curled up next to Robert in his King sized bed she knew she would do anything for him. “What a lucky person I am.” she thought as she drifted of to a peaceful sleep.

Adult Story Masturbation Adapting to life

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Adult Story Masturbation Adapting to life

Adult Story Masturbation Adapting to life The transition from the ships back to the surface was a slow one, and as expected many people learned very quickly that life as they had once know had changed drastically. A civilization that had once been technologically advanced enough to escape the world and nearly destroy it’s self had been forced to devolve back to nearly a stone age life style.

One of the first things to become a luxury was clothing. People learned that as soon as they hit the surface and cleared the transition facility that they had a couple pairs of clothes that would have to last them until such time as some one managed to re-create the ability to make cloth. Once again people began wearing pelts and anything else they could scrounge in nature. Civilization now resembled something akin to the native Americans of north America and the Aborigines of Australia. Thanks to the modern technology of guns animals like deer and cattle were obtainable fairly readily. In some of the more temperate areas people established colonies that were for the most part clothing optional. The basic Loin cloths were the norm and if a female was extremely worried about a man seeing her body the occasional dress or bikini had been fashioned.

The one thing that seemed constant all over the multiple colonies was when a woman became pregnant she would always display her belly as proudly as possible, be it with berry paints or in some cases some women chose to go nude. The entire colony would celebrate at every confirmation of a new child. In one colony that now existed one the remains of one of the Hawaiian islands many of the women had taken to a competition. They lived together and as a result their cycles soon became similarly organized. This made it easier for them to compete against each other. The challenge was to get pregnant by what ever means necessary. These ladies had all made a conscious decision to not marry. They were intent on repopulating the species and to that end they celebrated when their cycles reached ovulation.

The youngest of these women was Tallia. Her parents had bought her passage into the project but failed to secure passage themselves. She was 14 when they reached the remains of the earth and had been living in the colony for 2 years now. As her 16th birthday approached she was excited. The Laws stated at the age of 16 she could finally do her part in the propagation of the species. All the women she lived with had allowed her to watch and learn the arts of coaxing the seed from the men and into their waiting wombs. She had even been allowed to participate to some extent a couple times. As the day finally arrived Tallia awoke to find all the women she lived with encircling her bed. All stood naked in the young girls room. 10 women in all 6 proudly displaying swelled bellies, 2 were still waiting to see if they had conceived and still 2 more were still too young to get impregnated.

“Good Morning sleepyhead” Erica the oldest and most bred women in the room spoke up. Erica was even now pregnant with her third child though only a month or 2 along she looked radiant with a berry painted spiral on her slight pooch. “Tallia Today is your 16th birthday, and as is tradition we your sisters are here to prepare you to join the ranks of womanhood. Are you ready?”

Without even moving Tallia smiled excitedly and said “yes, I am all yours”

In moments her light sheet was was pulled aside and the women set to work on the new young woman. She was lifted from her bed and taken to the the house shower where 3 of the women cleansed Tallia. Her first round of cleansing was a very short water shower followed by her being carried a chair shaved of all body hair and cleaned with the tongues of the women attending to her. They were very thorough to make certain each and every erogenous zone on the young ladies body received attention. As the pleasure became too much, a fourth of her “sisters” would step into the chamber and bury her face between Tallia’s beautiful legs. When this happened the other women would take turns at Tallia’s breasts and nipples causing her to plunge into orgasm after orgasm. As her pussy spasmed and her juices began to drip a small bowl of powder was placed under her to catch the secretions. Once the women were all content that Tallia had been sufficiently “cleansed” They gave her a short time to recover.

Tallia lay in the chair, her nipples hard and erect, her freshly shaved vagina shiny with spit and her own juices. Finally 3 of the pregnant women entered the room. Sandra a black haired goddess with a full belly was in the lead with the small bowl that had been under Tallia’s pussy. Behind her walked one of Tallia’s best friends Renee, whose belly while not full size was decorated with paints to accent the child inside, and finally Jean, a mousy little woman whose 4 month belly looked like an 8 month belly on her small frame.

Sandra was the first to speak, “Tallia welcome to womanhood. we are here to adorn you so that all the men of the colony will know that you are prepared to mate.” She held up the small bowl that had been used to collect Tallia’s own Pussy Juices. As Sandra began to speak again the other 2 woman flanked her on either side and took one of Tallia’s hand in theirs while Sandra lowered herself between Tallia’s legs. “As is customary the sisters have pleasured you in preparation of your first mating. Now is the time for you to give back some of that pleasure.” As she said this both women on either side placed Tallia’s hand that they held to their slits. “Pleasure your sisters while I attend to you.”

Slowly Tallia began to rub and massage the sex regions of the two pregnant women all the while Sandra alternated between painting something on her chest and eating her pussy. As the passion in the small room increased so did the strong sweet smell of sex. Tallia was the first to climax as Sandra’s Tongue made circles around her clit and the bristles of the paint brush gently tickled her skin the sensations were too much for the young woman. She screamed out in passion and her pussy once again began dribbling fluids which the adept Sandra did not waste. She quickly placed the bowl under Tallia’s dripping pussy collecting as much of the precious juice as possible. As Tallia climaxed she redoubled her stimulation of the women at each of her hands. Jean was the next to reach her orgasm. As she began to climax she pushed herself a little further up Tallia’s arm causing the girl to slip from her wet dripping pussy into her small puckered asshole. This surprise sensation caused Jean to climax even harder, the small woman arched her back and quickly grabbed either side of her pussy. Grinding against Tallia’s arm once she sprayed her own pungent pussy juice all over Tallia’s Arm, side and even some hit her face.

“Ohhh” exclaimed Renee on the other side of Tallia, “That looked fun” she said with a wicked smile and without hesitation she reached behind herself and gently pushed a finger into her own ass as Tallia watched with a look of pure ecstasy on her face. “Ohh that is nice” Renee grunted, “Very” she gasped and Arched her own back, “NICE!!!” She screamed as her own climax washed over her. Tallia was rewarded with the Thick sweet smelling pussy juice from Renee being deposited into her hand that was still busy in the climaxing woman’s slit. Feeling her hand now covered in her best friends pussy nectar excited the already nearly high Tallia and pushed her into yet another orgasm, this one more powerful then any of the previous. Instead of just a few dribbles, this time her pussy exploded all over the face of Sandra who had just finished her painting and was now burying her face between the young girls legs. Sandra came up for air and all three women looked at her, covered in the goo of Tallia and giggled. Sandra simply smiled and wiped as much of it off her face and onto Tallia’s smooth legs. The three pregnant woman moved back away from Tallia who lay perfectly still aside from her ragged breathing and still dripping slit.

“Young Tallia, you are now prepared for your first mating. Is there a man in the colony you have chose to take your flower?” and for the first time Tallia looked down at her chest. Her breasts, her stomach, and her crotch and pussy we all painted with beautiful pink flowers that seemed to be sprouting out of pussy. A tear began to escape from the corner of her eye. “It’s beautiful” she said as she began to cry.

“Yes beautiful and powerful. The pink pigment is from the crushed petals of roses and orchids. That powder is mixed with your own sex juices to provide a powerful smell and sensation. If there is a man in the colony you wish to bed you for the first time just ask him to lick one of your flowers, and let the pheromones and his hormones do the rest.” Sandra said as she gently rubbed her own pussy. “This is a special day and per the rules of the colony any man you chose today is excused from his regular work schedule and is yours until the sun rises tomorrow. So I ask again, is there a man of whom you will take into your flower garden?”

Tallia blushed slightly and coyly nibbled on the end of a finger, she looked to Renee and smiled, “I have been thinking about a particular guy but i will need to ask permission first. Renee, Can i borrow Bobby? He is the one that got you knocked up isn’t he?”

Now it was Renee’s turn to blush. She placed a hand gently on her belly, “Yes this is Bobbies child. He is Very talented and has a Cock that hits all the right spots, I suppose you can borrow him, I might ask if I can watch the fun but thats up to you.”

“Of Course you can,”Tallia responded as she finally rose from her seat.

“Then Go child” Sandra said with a smile, “Go and become a Woman and if all goes well Go and become a Mother.” Then Sandra turned to Renee, “Renee, Take Tallia to this man and see to it that he plants his seed deeply in her garden”

Tallia took two steps and held out a hand to Renee, who took the hand and was instantly pulled into a Kiss by Tallia. “Thanks” Tallia said as they walked from the room and headed for the door of the building.

The two women walked outside into the day. Still fully nude they walked proudly through the small colony. Their bodies glistened in the sun and drew attention to them from everyone. Women, even the married women that chose to wear leather cloths nodded and smiled knowing that the young girl painted with the bright flower was about to become a full woman. Men took double takes and even in a couple cases stopped and kissed the back of the hands of both women offering their services to them both. Eventually they came to the building that was where the Captain of the Guard had his office. Renee stepped into the shade of the building first, the cool air and the stares form the men outside was having an affect on her as her nipples stood proudly in front of her. Tallia followed, she was so excited that she had just walked nude through the colony that once again her pussy was happily wet and starting to dribble down her legs. Armond, the Captain of the guard stood, he was a handsome man himself and women all through the colony knew that under the loin cloth he wore was a cock the size of Tallia’s wrist and forearm. Stories blazed through the colony that this man had personally fathered more children in this colony that any other man just because many of the women wanted to have that monster cock between their legs.

Armond smiled thinking he was about to get the rest of the day off. “What can I do for you two lovely ladies” he said with a smirk.

Renee spoke up”Tallia here would like to request the stud services of Robert Watchman, could you tell us where he is presently?”

The captain’s smile dissolved for a moment then he smiled broadly. “He is on guard duty at the south entrance of the colony Shall I have him come here?”

“No that’s OK we can go and fetch him” Tallia spoke up with a wicked smile. “Thank you Sir” she said as she turned to leave. Renee quickly spun and followed her.

Once outside They headed for the south gate. “He actually thought he was going to get your cherry” Renee commented.

“As if,” Tallia smirked, “I am not about to let him ruin my cunt with that monster cock just yet, besides the way you described Bobby the last time he filled your pussy i wanted to experience that.”

“You won’t be disappointed” Renee giggled “My pussy is twitching just thinking about seeing him again”

“Renee, i would love for you to do more then watch, My only request is that i get the first load.”

“I think that can be arranged.” She said touching her belly, “While my pussy doesn’t need any of his cum my mouth would love to be wrapped around his cock and balls and maybe even suck some of his cum off or out of you.”

“That could be fun.”Tallia said with a giggle, as they rounded the corner to see the south entrance. There standing along the path that lead into the colony wearing light leather armor stood the man in question. Robert was still young, and very well built. He smiled when he saw Renee and Tallia walk towards him.

“Renee, Tallia, how are you ladies today?”

“Hey Bobby, were good” Renee started, “Tallia has something she would like to ask you.”

He smiled at Tallia allowing his eyes to drift up and down her beautiful body. When his eyes recognized the painting on her belly his smile faded a little. “Sure Sweetie what can I do for you?” he said to Tallia.

She wasted no time, she stepped forward and kissed him full on the mouth allowing her hands to grope all over his body and finally pushing a hand into his pants to feel his cock for the first time. She gave his a suddenly hardening member a gentle squeeze as she pulled her hand back out and broke the kiss. She leaned in close and whispered in his ear, “I would like you to take my cherry and give me a child deep in my belly the way you did Renee. I want you to take Me and Renee and make love to me and fill my pussy with your seed till it over flows into Renee’s Mouth and then i want you to fill me with your cum again and again until a child begins to grow inside me. Please come with us and make me a woman.” with that she ran her finger through her wet juicy pussy dragged it through some of the paint that Sandra had placed on her loins and gently wiped it across his lips until he opened his mouth and sucked her finger into his mouth.

He closed his eyes for a second savoring her flavor before pulling his mouth off her finger. “If the rest of you tastes as good as that finger then you can have every drop of my cum.” he said with a smirk. He took a couple steps towards a small hut where another guard who had just watched the entire scene was sitting with a hard cock pressing up his loin cloth. Bobby Smirked at him, “Guess your wife’s gonna get some tonight ehh Reg? I will see ya tomorrow, I am going to take these two lovely ladies and fuck their brains out and hopefully do my little part for the species.”

Adult Stories : Erotic Massage

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Adult Stories : Erotic Massage
Debbie had driven by the house many times, always wondering if the subtle white house that was located just outside the commercial/industrial park was legit or not. She had contemplated getting a massage, and the thought of getting a massage from "one of those" places intrigued her. She had always been so conservative, never taking a chance, or do anything wild or out of the ordinary was actually thinking of pulling in, and if nothing else checking it out.

Debbie had always been intrigued with the idea of being pampered by another woman, and if something happened along the way; well lets just say the idea really turned her on. With her heart racing in her chest Debbie pulled into the driveway, and made her way around to the parking in the back so her car would be out of sight just in case. She stepped from her car, and walked up to a heavily screened door. She looked up seeing a camera hanging under the eave looking down on anyone that came to the door.

Taking a deep breath Debbie rang the buzzer. She stood there waiting to see if anyone was going to answer. She could hear footsteps coming from inside, yet no one came to the door. She looked at the camera again thinking that whoever was inside was probably checking her out. Then the door opened, and a very attractive Korean woman answered the door. She was about 5'4" with raven black hair that came just below her ears.

She had a beautiful figure, and was wearing a beautiful blue silk dress with a subtle floral print. Debbie wondered if she was wearing any panties since she couldn't see any sort of panty line, and she noticed the woman wasn't waring a bra. She studied Debbie for a couple of moments as if she was trying to figure out why someone like Debbie was doing there. Finally she frowned and said,

"Sorry...we not hire."

"I'm not looking for work. I'm interested in getting a massage if that's alright."

The woman looked at her as if to say, "You want what?" Undaunted Debbie asked again,

"Do you massage women, or is it just men?"

Finally she smiled warmly and held out her hand to Debbie saying,

"Yes, I come inside."

She took Debbie's hand leading her inside into what was once probably a living room. She looked around seeing a couch that looked like it came from the Salvation Army store, and a couple of mismatched end tables, and a lamp that looked like it was from the '60's. Despite the questionable decor, the place was neat and well kept, and much nicer than Debbie had imagined. She looked at the woman asking,

"So how much is it for a massage?"

The woman pointed to a sign that read 1/2 hr 45....1hr 60. Debbie asked the woman,

"So what do you get with the half hour massage?"

"You get massage, no oil, and no shower after."

"And for the hour massage?"

"Ah much better bargain. With hour you get nice massage full body massage with lotion, your choice of Swedish, deep tissue, or..." Debbie interrupted her asking,

"Swedish, that's the light touch right?"

"Yes. It very light touch, make you feel very good inside. Plus I work on any problem area, and you get shower afterward."

"OK, I'll take the hour massage."

Good choice. You pay now."

The woman held out her hand as Debbie handed her the money and followed her into the room. It was dimly lit with soft music playing and the smell of incense, but not overpowering. There was a large mattress on the floor, and ranks of lotions on the wall. The woman told Debbie to undress, and she would be right back. Debbie stopped her asking,

"Do I take off all my clothes?"

"Yes unless you want oil on them. Now please get undress and I be right back."

Debbie undressed folding her clothes neatly, and placing them on a table. Then she laid down waiting for the woman to return. Debbie was still nervous wondering what she had gotten herself into, and if she'd made a bad choice. She could still get dressed and leave. She jumped when there was a tap on the door, and the door opened. She looked over her shoulder to see the woman return, a smile on her face making Debbie feel at ease. She knelt down next to Debbie saying,

"Relax. I give you good massage."

She started working on Debbie's neck and shoulders as Debbie sighed from her beautiful, relaxing touch. She could feel the tension and the anxiety leaving her body as the woman continued working her neck and shoulders. As she worked on Debbie they made small talk when the woman asked,

"So...what you name?"

"My name is Debbie."

"My name Kim. "Are you enjoy massage so far."

"Oh yes have a beautiful touch."

Kim continued working on Debbie, her soft, feathery touches moving down Debbie's back. Kim moved her hands along Debbie's sides, her palms touching the exposed part of Debbie's breasts as she lay on her stomach. Feeling Kim's hands on her breasts, even just the small exposed portion sent erotic chill through her body. She wanted more, and raised up slightly exposing more of her breasts wondering if Kim would get the hint.

She felt so wicked, but at the same time so aroused. As Kim moved her hands back up Debbie's side not only did Kim moved her hands along the more exposed portion of Debbie's breasts Kim paused and just held them for a moment. Debbie heard herself moan softly from Kim's touch. Kim leaned forward whispering in Debbie's ear,

"You like my touch you there?"

"Oh YES," Debbie sighed. Kim laughed softly saying,

"You naughty girl. You like more special massage?"

Debbie felt as if her head was going to explode from arousal as she said,

"Yes...yes I do."

"Alright...I do for you. When men come in and want special massage I change them 100 more, but I like you. I not charge you more."

Kim then made her way down to Debbie's lower back causing Debbie to wonder what Kim had in mind when she offered to do more. She found her heart throbbing again as Kim hands moved down her back toward Debbie's ass causing her to wonder if Kim was going to touch her there. She was a little disappointed when Kim avoided Kim's backside, and moved her hands down to Debbie's leg.

She started working her left leg paying attention to her feet and calf, but her disappointment was soon replaced with pleasure as Kim kneaded her tired calf muscles. After a few minutes Kim's light, feathery touches returned as her fingers moved up the back of Debbie's leg. Her hands moved higher and higher up Debbie's leg sliding to the inside moving closer and closer to her inner thighs.

Debbie parted her legs slightly giving Kim better access should she decided to touch Debbie in a more erotic way. Her fingers moved along her inner thigh with Debbie wondering if Kim was going to touch her pussy. Kim moved her hands back onto Debbie's legs, and slowly moved her hands onto Debbie's ass. Debbie decided to stop trying to anticipate Kim's every move, and just relax and enjoy the massage.

Adding more lotion Kim began caressing Debbie's ass, teasing her as she moved her finger tips along the cleft at the top of her ass making Debbie squeal. She felt Kim's fingers move along he ass, teasing her as if she were going to slide her hands between her cheeks any second. As Kim leaned forward Debbie felt her foot touching the soft skin of Kim's leg. She realized that her foot was now between Kim's legs, and she could feel Kim's dampness on her foot.

Just at that moment Kim slipped her fingers between Debbie's cheeks, and began moving her fingers up and down her ass, pausing as her fingers brushed Debbie's asshole. Feeling her fingers teasing her ass sent even more erotic jolts though her body down to her pussy. As Kim continued teasing her ass she realized that Kim was moving her pussy along her foot, masturbating herself as she eased her finger slowly into Debbie's ass. The feeling was unbelievable as Debbie raised her hips to meet Kim's probing fingers.

Debbie felt Kim's other hand move between her legs again only this time her fingers were moving across her labia, teasing her as she parted Debbie's folds and began exploring her pussy. She felt Kim's lips on her back as Kim kissed her way down Debbie's spine to her ass where she started teasing her cleft with her tongue. Debbie was about to scream out as her passion started to boil over. Just before Debbie exploded from an orgasm she heard Kim say,

"Now you turn over."

Needless to say Debbie was more than a little disappointed. As she turned over, and laid down on her back she saw Kim had taken off her dress, and was now totally naked. Kim was on her knees smiling at Debbie not saying a word, as if she were posing for Debbie. Kim cupped her breasts in her hands as Debbie watched her rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

Kim's nipples were so hard and erect as Debbie thought about taking them in her mouth, and sucking them. Her eyes scanned down Kim's body focusing on Kim's dark bush. Debbie found herself wanting to move between Kim's legs just to feel the softness of her bush on her cheek. Debbie had often fantasized about making love to another woman, and now if things worked our right she had the chance of making her fantasy come true. Finally Kim ask her,

"You like?"

Debbie smiled saying,

"Yes, very much, but why did you felt so good."
Kim just smiled as she poured more lotion into her hand, and started spreading it over Debbie's legs. She began massaging the lotion in as she moved her hands up Debbie's legs still smiling. Then she did something totally unexpected. She maneuvered herself over Debbie's left foot, and then lowered her pussy down onto her toes. Debbie could feel the dampness between her legs as Kim started moving her pussy back and forth over Debbie's toes.

Debbie knew she should have been disgusted, but somehow it seemed so erotic. Debbie worked her toes between Kim's folds, and started gently wiggling them as Kim closed her eyes and started moaning softly. Now it was Debbie's turn to pleasure Kim. Kim raised up, and started caressing her own breasts, and twisting and tugging at her nipples as Debbie continued wiggling her toes that were now in Kim's pussy.

Kim was soon moaning and lost in her own passion as Debbie watched the expression on her face. Kim was sliding back, and forth working Debbie's toes around in her pussy, and then sliding up so her toes were teasing her clit. It was such a turn on to watch Kim using her foot as a sex toy. Just as she thought Kim was going to cum, Kim moved so that Debbie's toes were now between her cheeks, and sliding over her ass.

Kim was gasping, and moaning as she reached down, and started rubbing her clit furiously taking herself toward what was surly going to be a powerful orgasm. Suddenly her body stiffened, and Kim was rocked with an orgasm that shook her entire body. After a few minutes Kim smiled, and parted Debbie's legs. Kim placed her face between Debbie's legs, and began exploring Debbie's pussy.

Never had anything felt so erotic; her first time with a woman was going to be better than she had ever imagined. Debbie gasp, and squealed out as Kim continued running her tongue over her pussy, exploring, and teasing her to the point that she wanted to scream out in passion. The more she explored Debbie with her tongue, the more aroused Debbie became.

Kim parted Debbie's folds allowing her juices to flow down onto her tongue where she started running her tongue up and down Debbie's wet pussy. Nothing, not any kind of fantasy, or imagination could have prepared Debbie for the divine sensations that she was experiencing now. The more Kim licked and sucked her pussy the more she wanted to do the same to Kim. Finally she asked Kim,

"Kim...let me taste you to. Come up here, and let me taste your pussy....please Kim, let me lick your sweet pussy!"

Kim raised her head, Debbie's juices glistening on her lips, and chin as she smiled and maneuvered around lowering her pussy onto Debbie's face. Debbie reached up, and guided Kim's pussy down toward her tongue, but no before pausing to look at her beautiful sex. Her lips were full, and thick, and her clit looked so large as Debbie slowly brought Kim's pussy down onto her face. Her pussy was so wet and warm, and filled with her love juices.

Her aroma was so erotic, as Debbie instinctively guided her tongue over Kim's pussy while Kim in the meantime was working her fingers deep into Debbie's pussy. Debbie continued exploring Kim's pussy, taking her time never having licked a woman before. She wanted to take her time, and savor every moment of it as if it was going to be her only time to ever experience this.

She slip her tongue past Kim's folds, and immediately found her opening where she eased her tongue inside, and started tongue fucking Kim. Kim responded by gyrating her hips, and grinding her pussy into Debbie's face, while she took Debbie's clit into her mouth, and began sucking it while she filled Debbie's pussy with as many fingers as she could manage. Debbie moved from Kim pussy spreading her cheeks while as she started running her tongue up, and down Kim's ass.

She found Kim's asshole to be very sensitive judging from Kim's response. Debbie eased her tongue into Kim's ass, and began tonguing her while Kim was taking Debbie closer and closer to the edge. Suddenly Debbie felt her pussy start to tremble, and her clit throb as one powerful orgasm after another surged through her body.

Once she had finished cumming, Debbie rolled Kim onto her back, and moved between her legs, and filled Kim's pussy with as many fingers as she could manage just as Kim had done to her. She worked her fingers inside Kim's pussy listening to Kim's moans of pleasure. Debbie couldn't believe how incredible it was to make love to someone as beautiful as Kim, and to watch her become more and more aroused as she made love to her. Debbie loved the taste of Kim's pussy as she ran her tongue over her pussy, and then took her clit between her lips, again listening to Kim's moans of sheer pleasure.

Adult Stories : My first lesbian act

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Adult Stories : My first lesbian act
I'm Ashley and I'm 24 years old. Me, Lisa and Jennifer have been friends since college. Even though we graduated and are busy doing jobs we get together every weekend.
We share everything with each other-tales of our boyfriends, job anxieties, everything. Lisa was my roommate during college days & Jennifer was her friend.

Later i came to know that both of them are bisexual. Though i've heard them moan many times, i used to leave my room to give them privacy.
Nothing else. Lisa & Jen used to tease me all the time, because i was too submissive in bed to my boyfriend.

I was supposed to move to Washington & so our little group had become a little sentimental. They gave a small party to me.

It began saturday night. Lisa had bought few cans of beer and had put on some perky music. She was looking perfect in her black sleeve-less dress. Her ample cleavage and the dress revealing her hairless legs from the knee below would have made any guy go hot about her.
She had been drinking for quite some time now. The drink had its effect on her. Already the lights were dimmed as Jen wasn't drinking that night & Jen was looking after the party. We didn't invite anyone else.

"We're gonna miss you Ash" Lisa said. Even i was going to miss them . I went near Lisa and hugged her. Jen was taking care of both of us & momentarily bringing us food & beer. I was almost half as drunk as Lisa.
But Lisa had so much drink that she couldn't get up from the chair. I sensed that as i hugged her. When i was moving my mouth on her cheek to give her a peck, she brought her mouth near mine and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.

My body was finding these sensations so hot. I had never been with another girl so i never knew what it would be like. After all, guys don't understand what we females want.
I was confused. My mind was struggling. Then i negotiated with myself and decided to let my hair down. When Lisa broke the kiss, i looked over to Jen.

She understood that i was confused & didn't know what to do. "At least play along. "She suggested.
I listened to her. Lisa brushed my shoulder-length blonde hair aside and inserted her tongue deep into my mouth. I went and sat on her lap.
Jen stopped the music and came near us. She helped Lisa remove my top and bra both.

Suddenly i was too conscious of my naked body. I tried to hide my boobs with my hands but Lisa asked me to suck her tongue and then i didn't care about anything else.
My boobs had long nipples which were being rubbed by Lisa's thin fingers. Jen was watching the show. Standing near us.

One of Lisa's hand had went under my dress and was groping my ass. I was enjoying it completely. It was mesmerizing. I had been with many guys but this was none like that.
Not even like my current boyfriend. This was very soft and her every touch told me that she cared for me. A very beautiful feeling.

Suddenly i felt that Jen was trying to put her hand inside my dress, trying not to disturb me & Lisa kissing. I broke the kiss, stood up & removed my dress through my legs.
Now i was standing totally nude in front of my closest friends. I had goose bumps. I don't know whether it was the effect of booze, but it was a very thrilling experience.

Seeing me nude, the girls stripped too. Their clothes were down on the ground within few seconds. I learned that Jen wasn't wearing any undergarments beneath her clothes. That feeling was in itself so hot.
Now i gave more attention to Lisa. Lisa's dark hair was already untied & her boobs looked hot with very light coloured nipples in the centre. She was the slimmest of us all, though we weren't fat either.
You would've called lisa anorexic. Her Carefully toned legs & her pierced navel would have seduced me if i would've been a guy.

"Let us move this party to the bed. "Lisa said. I just nodded. I lied on it, my head facing the roof. Lisa came on top of me & started kissing me. She asked me to be more passionate & our tongues exchanged our lust.
I understood that Lisa could've bear the alcohol. I had underestimated her. Her one hand was busy squeezing my ass. It was with more pressure than the beginning, but i wasn't going to complain.
Then she went down & buried her finger in my pussy. It was so amorous that i let out my first loud moan "um". I knew it wasn't going to be the last.

Very slowly, she started burying her finger in my pussy. Lisa was narrating it to me, so as to make it hotter. "My first finger is tired inside there & needs a companion. " I knew what she meant and i closed my eyes as i felt my pussy resisting it.
However, the strain lasted only a few seconds as it was followed by ecstatic moans "Shit. I'm gonna cum" I said. The moment i said that Lisa removed both her fingers. She asked me to close her eyes. I didn't know what was going to happen. However, i knew that i was going to enjoy whatever happens.

Then she went away. The sound of her footsteps going away was followed by the sound of the door closing after a few seconds. The slight pause between her leaving me and opening the door meant that she wore something like a nightie and that she was going somewhere nearby.I was relived when i heard Jen said. "Now it's my turn"

She asked me to stand up. I did so, opening my eyes. She was sitting on a chair beside the bed. I came near her & she kissed me even more nicely than Lisa. I wouldn't have broken the kiss.

Then she asked me to go down & taste her nipples. She had small boobs, but her nipples were uncommonly big. Even bigger than mine. She took them in her hands, brought them closer to her mouth, gave a boob a lick and said "All yours honey"
Then suddenly she grabbed my neck softly and looked me in the eye. She firmly but slowly guided my mouth to her milk fruits.

I took one nipple in my mouth and gave it a soft bite with my teeth. It was so fascinating. "Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeesssssssss" This escaped her mouth.
Then i started sucking her boobs one by one. She herself helped me do it. Sometimes gently squeezing them before i sucked one.

Tears escaped my eyes unknowingly. Jen saw it she said "I've been with many woman, but if i didn't love Lisa. I would've chosen you as a preferred lover. "That was such an honour.
Then she asked me to suck her pussy. I closed my eyes just like her, as my tongue hit her love hole. We all used to keep our pussies clean. We even used to joke about that.
She asked me apply less tongue and bring my mouth close to her. I decided to be a little bold. Without warning, i inserted not one, but two fingers inside her pussy.

It was already very wet, probably she was fingering herself while she watched me & Lisa at work. I was amazed at my boldness. Then i remembered that these were not just my friends, they were my family out here.

"You bitch" Jen opened her eyes & looked down at me with a smile. She was enjoying the immense pleasure i was giving to her. My rhythm was maddening. I was sucking and licking her pussy with my mouth and tongue and trying to go as deep as i could while
replacing my mouth with my two fingers alternately. I liked the look on Jen's face as my fingers were literally making her dance. She was moving her hips so sexily. I did this to her for god knows how much time but i was interrupted by the sound of the door opening & Lisa walking in. "Good. You're getting bolder. At least u learned something from us. " She said. She had bought some bag with her.

Lisa pushed me away from Jen. Jen took the pillow and playfully tried to push Lisa with it. "Come here my slutty mate"Lisa told to her. Lisa's clothes were on the floor again in a jiffy. Then they engaged in very passionate kissing.
I had rarely observed them carefully but this time it was different. It was tantalizing. Any girl seeing them go at each other so shamelessly would've let them do anything to her. They were sex godesses.
They were shameless, comfortable and had so much confidence that even the best of the playboys didn't possess when i was with such a stud in bed.

I envied them. Their deep kisses, tongues hugging, breasts rubbing against each other. Nipples getting pushed against each other was such a hot sight to look. This was nothing like those dirty movies we had watched together.
You need to be there to feel it. Their toned legs clamped tight with each other. Amazing.

Then they stopped doing it and Lisa told me to go & lie on the bed. I obeyed her orders like a good slut. "You're going to listen us in the beginning if u wanna make us listen to u in the end. "
Jen came & lied sideways beside me. Lisa came between us. She inserted fingers of her one hand inside my pussy while her other fingers were inside Jen's.

All of us started kissing and playing with each others boobs. I was being kissed by Liza while my boobs were getting sucked by Jen. In between, Liza used to remove her hands from our pussies.
We played like this so long, that we had lost consciousness of whose which organ we were playing with. Our each body parts belonged to everybody now.
Then Jen went away and brought Lisa's bag. "There's gonna be a surprise for you. " Lisa said. She pulled out a strap on.

I had become too excited now, and the result of just getting teased and not coming was my shyness disappearing. After Lisa wore it, i came near her and started playing with it.
First I gripped it with my hands. The solid feel was so nice. Then i gave it a lick from top to bottom. It was too firm for a plastic device, but i didn't care. I wanted it inside.

But Lisa wanted me to beg it. So she came near me, but put it inside Jen's pussy. She started moving it to and fro and Jen started replying with her moans. "Oh my God. Harder" Jen said and Lisa quickened her pace. She started rubbing her pussy on the end of that fake cock, which was near Lisa's pussy.

Jen had submerged that strapon fully inside her pussy. I understood that these girls must have been doing it for years. I interrupted them kissing and started kissing Jen instead.
That was driving Lisa mad. She was moaning too. "I'm gonna fuck you so much tonight" She said. Finally Jen cummed and as soon as Lisa removed that fake cock from her pussy, i started competing with Lisa to suck it and Jen's vagina.
Some of the cum was on our lips so we kissed to drink every drop of it.

Jen went over and while she was back, i noticed that she had drunk a large amount of beer in such a short time. She was holding the almost empty bottle in her hand.

Finally my time came, as i saw Lisa coming near me and pushing the fake cock inside my pussy which was aching for it since a long time. It took me a few seconds to get adjusted to the pain but i couldn't shout at Jen had closed my mouth with her pussy.

It made me so horny. One of my best friends was fucking my pussy with her fake cock while the other was letting me suck her cunt. "We are not going to stop till the morning. " Lisa said. Shivers ran down my spine but i determined that i was not going to turn their fun down.
Lisa was near me & was keeping her legs on my shoulders. I started licking them. She was aroused enough so she stopped for a moment & asked me to bend down so that i could lick her thigh. Her hairless, smooth skin & the taste of sweat on top of it was driving me freaky.
I moved to licking her lower legs. I also ran my fingers on Lisa's body and gave her ass a tight punch. She moaned "WWW, hot"

Then Lisa stopped and asked me lay sideways. She continued fucking me. God knows how many times i had cummed but there was no stopping this party. I could sense that there was some movement behind me. Jen was stretching my Asshole. Then she gave it a sudden & deep suck. She started moving her fingers up & down. The pain was too much. After few minutes cold sweat started dripping me as she said "I've used no lube, but you're so kinky that my whole hand has gone inside it. "
As i felt that i cummed there was a welcome change. My pain subsided greatly and my fear too. I turned my head backwards to kiss Jen on her lips. She started nibbling on my earlobes.

Lisa removed the strap on & gave me to wear it. I didn't give enough time to think to Jen & before she could say anything it was inside her anus. "oh, yes" She said. This was the first time i was wearing it.
But i don't know how i was so confident at the moment. I had just been ass fucked, something which i had never allowed my boyfriends to do. I never understood how any of us could take it. Then i thought, maybe it was the drink.

Lisa helped me finger Jen's pussy vigorously so she could release her cum. It was so hot to see that a large amount of almost transparent, pungent, sticky liquid gushed from her pussy.
"Fuck you both" Jen said, giggling.

I went over to the bag to see what else was inside & found a vibrator. I asked Lisa to close her eyes. She wasn't facing me.
Jen started kissing her lips and neck and also gave her love bites on her boobs. I went down & started fingering her pussy vigorously. First i gave her a long lick, from her pussy to her asshole.

Lisa shook in sexual hunger. Then i buried my fingers in her pussy while taking the end of the vibrator near her asshole. As i inserted it and switched it on, the sound told her what was gonna happen next.
"You're going to make me tired, aren't you?" Lisa said opening her eyes & giggling. "No, we are all going to be so tired the next day that we'd lie whole day in bed" I replied.

Slowly i inserted most of the vibrator inside Lisa's ass while Jen finger fucked her pussy. We made her cum a few times and after we stopped we took turns drinking her cum. We even reserved some part of it for Lisa herself.
I took it and rubbed it on my boobs while Jen rubbed it on her navel. We made Lisa drink it all. With an audible gulp.

It was a mixture of sweat, urine and cum. I think this mixture was what we were dealing it since the beginning as the bed sheet, some part of the floor, chair, everything was full of it.
Then both of them asked me to close my eyes and blindfolded me. They tied my hands & legs to the bed with silken ropes. I was tied so that i could move, but could not change my position.

I was lying sideways. The fake cock was back as i felt someone's breath on my face. It was Jen. "Now its just my strapon & your pussy honey" I felt wet on my boobs. "It's honey" That was Lisa's voice.
She must have sprayed it from over my back as i felt that she was moving my asshole with her fingers. Suddenly a frightful scream escaped my mouth as i felt firm pressure between my buttocks.
Both of them stopped moving for some time. Lisa said "Are you ok?" "Hell. You wanna kill me or what?" I said. "It's gonna be ok. Trust me. " Jen said. With that the blindfold was removed.

I saw Jen coming closer and sucking the honey from my mountains and the highway between them. I was feeling numb & dizzy. I started moving my body to her rhythm. I moved my boobs so that they were pushed inside her mouth while i buried the strapon in my pussy and pushed my pussy towards her pelvis.

"Now i start" Lisa said. Then she started moving that another strap on inside my rear entrance. What a feeling it was. I was sure that i couldn't handle two men so i'd never even thought of it. But this feeling was beautiful.
Jen was slowly kissing me now & i could taste the honey & my sweat mixed on her tongue. Our fucking had become intense, romantic and passionate. I asked the girls to remove the ropes. They did so.

Then both of them continued fucking me while taking care of my lower body.

Lisa gave me a good deal of smooches on my back before playfully hitting my butt. Jen was feeling my inner thighs too. She was even licking the insides of my thighs. It felt so good.
If it was impossible for them to play with my private parts with their hands & mouths, they would stop fucking me for a few moments & then continue.

I had been cumming for quite some time now. The bed sheet below me had a patch which showed the copious amount of my love juice that had erupted.
Then Lisa cupped her hands over my buttocks really hard & groped them very tightly. I asked Jen to do the same to my breasts. She followed and I was in heaven.
I asked the girls to fuck me as hard as they could. The girls were at their best speed and before i was gonna cum i screamed at the top of my lungs "I'm cumming".
In a moment i felt empty as my asshole & cunt were removed from their hot contents. The girls didn't wait for me to cum.

In a mad frenzy they started licking the bed sheet below me. After i cummed, i myself dropped on my knees to drink my own cum. It was hard earned.
I grabbed jen by her boob and asked her to toss her panty. I tied it on my head & licked the wet patch which must cover her juicy cunt. Lisa saw me do that and said. "That's how we give fair well to a lover. "

Adult Stories : Erotic Tales of Maggie and Tina's Love

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Adult Stories

EROTIC STORIES :  Erotic Tales of Maggie and Tina's Love

"Maggie, this weather sucks" Tina said to me as she plopped down on the couch where I was sitting "I want to have some fun!" She started tickling me and pulling my tits tweaking my nipples. I smile "Well what kind of fun?" She laughs pulling me up off the couch. "Let's go out!"

"Tina, you're the one that wanted to go out so bad, hurry up I'm ready to go." Tina opened the bathroom door and I nearly gasped at what I saw. There she was, all 5'10" of her nearly butt naked, wearing little more than a short piece of black fabric. I guess you could call it a dress but I wasn't sure. The length went so far up u could just barely see her ass and waxed pussy. I started to get wet just looking at her, not only was she beautiful with her long black curly hair and blue eyes, she knew exactly how to get me wet without even having to touch me.

"You like my new dress?" I just smiled and grabbed her ass and gave it a little smack. "Of course you look amazing, I'd fuck you." She smacked my shoulder playfully and said, "You already are…" We laughed and walked out to the car.

Later that night after four hours of dancing and drinks we found ourselves drunk and unable to drive. We have a cab pick us up. The second we get into the cab we are making out in the back seat, kissing and groping each other hungrily. I'm sure the alcohol didn't help, but I couldn't keep my hands off of her. It wasn't long before I had her 'dress' up around her neck and she was totally naked in the back seat. The cab ride was about 20 minutes so we knew we had time.

"I want to suck your pussy" I whispered into her ear as I massaged her tits. Without words she pushed me onto my back and climbed onto my face. I already smelled her, that sweet smell coming from her hot pussy before she got to my face. I pulled my skirt up to expose my ass and wet pussy for her. We were in a 69 in the back of the cab, her ass in the air and pussy on my face, her tongue sucking my clit and fucking my pussy with two fingers. I inserted a finger into her ass and pussy and she started bucking on my face like a wild animal, cumming all over me, screaming "Ohhhhhhhh fuck don't stop Maggie keep fucking me" over and over moaning and screaming as she came for what seemed ten minutes straight.

I was moaning too, her expert tongue worked my clit, sucking, nibbling exploring it. It was so swollen each touch of her tongue made me jump off the fake leather seat. Before long it was me screaming "Shit Tina, ohhh yesssss" so loud that the people in the car next to us started honking and waving at us. We didn't care and kept fucking and sucking, each of us cumming once more.

Once we pulled up to the house we had managed to sit up and were just kissing and groping each other's tits, "How much do we owe you?" I said as I pulled out a wad of cash. "Nothing," he turned and smiled and pointed to his exposed dick in his left hand covered in cum "That was one of the hottest fucking things I have ever seen. I came so fast that I barely had time to pull my dick out." We just laughed and ran inside both still partially undressed.

Part II

"What a pervert!" Tina laughed, I smiled "I would have cum if I were him too, I can only imagine how hot your ass and pussy looked in that rear view mirror with my finger's fucking them." "Let's go take a shower, I'm not done with you yet." With that she ripped open my button up shirt to expose my bare tits and went around to the back of my leather skirt and unzipped it, gently moving her hand down my bare ass, .I kicked out of the skirt and we walked into the bathroom kissing and playing with each others tits.

We jumped into the shower and started massaging each other's bodies with soap; I focused on her ass and pussy making sure to get them nice and clean. I inserted two soapy fingers into her ass first; she moaned immediately and arched to meet my fingers. Once she got accustomed to the invaders I felt her ass relax and she started fucking my fingers, with that I started inserting one soapy finger after another into her pussy. The water was beating onto her hard nipples and with that she bent over to give me better access. "Yes fuck my ass, ohhhh yess your fingers feel so good." Her ass was slowly opening for me. I could tell that she was hot and ready for me. I pulled out my fingers, rinsed the soap out and pulled her into the bedroom. "Bend over" I said with authority. "I'm going to fuck your ass and pussy so hard you won't be able to walk for days."

With that I pulled out my strap on, it was black in color and about 10" long, 2" wide. I put it on adjusting the straps and buckles to fit. I then smacked her ass cheeks until they were red; her ass fucking the air she was so horny, reaching for something that was not there.

"Maggie, please fuck me with that cock, I need to have it in my ass." She pleaded with me over and over and while she begged I grabbed our doubled ended dildo. "First my dear, I am going to fuck that hot steaming pussy of yours until you cum." I shoved it into her pussy and started inching it in as far as it would go. Once it was in about 8", I smiled looking at the other end dangling down, the rubber bouncing all over as she squeezed her pussy around it.

"You like that don't you Tina" I purred to her, "you like that big rubber cock in your pussy don't you." "MMMMMM yesss" she looked ready to cum her eyes half closed and licking her lips. With that I slowly started moving the mammoth dildo out of her now dripping pussy lips. With each thrust in she would buck a little more on the dildo, I knew she was squeezing her pussy around it, after a while I pulled the dildo out a little and lubed the other end. I bend over and stick a tongue to her ass hole.

"Mmmm, you taste so good" "I bet you'd like me to stick my tongue in this hot hole of yours don't you?" I started licking her hole around the rim and darting just the tip of my tongue into the hole pushing more in after each lick around the outside. Soon I had my tongue all the way into her ass as far as it would go. I started moving it in and out slowly then picked up my pace to meet the thrusts of the dildo. "I'm going to cummm, oh shit I'm CUMMMMMINGGG she screamed" Right as she started to buck I pulled the other end of the dildo and forced it into her ass as far as it would go.

This set her into a wild frenzy, bucking thrusting screaming over and over. Her hands were beating on the bed her head thrashing all over. I then quickly pulled out the dildo from her ass now stretched wide open for me. I jumped up and shoved the 10" dildo almost all the way into her ass with one powerful thrust. I began fucking her so hard I could feel my legs burning. The nub on the inside of the strap on rubbing my clit hard with each thrust. Tina was saying things that were not even intelligible now, moaning and groaning. I pulled her ass cheeks wider and looked at how hot it looked, me fucking her in the ass with this huge black cock. Her legs started to shake and I could tell she was cumming again, "Maggie, please stop no more…." She trailed off as another wave of pleasure racked her body.

I reached down and started playing with her tits, tweaking each nipple just enough to make her moan even more. I kept fucking her, relentlessly for what she told me later "seemed like hours". I started getting close to my own orgasm and wanted to make sure she came again so I reached down to the dildo and started moving it in time with my thrusts. The extra stimulation to her G spot with the dildo and the cock in her ass was too much; Tina started shaking so violently that she almost knocking me off of her. Somehow I managed to keep fucking her ass and with one last deep thrust I came so hard I couldn't keep moving. "Ohhhh yessss Tina, I'm cummmminggg" I moaned and I humped her slowly as I jerked violently cumming so hard I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my legs.

We lay there me still with the strap on in her ass, both too weak to move. I brushed her hair from her face. She smiled and whispered, "We need to take cab rides more often."

Adult Stories : Over the River and Through the Woods

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Adult Stories
Her sun-warmed skin felt smooth against my hands as they roamed over her shoulder, back, her wonderful behind, and then back up again. Our kisses were growing with passion. Our tongues were probing . I could feel her fingers tracing my outline through my shorts. I was so obviously turned on. I felt her finger and nails run down my thigh. Not realizing it was possible, my excitement grew even more as her hands moved back up my leg. I gasped when her fingers found their way inside the leg of my shorts. Soon her fingers were discovering the full length of my passion.

With her free hand she started to unbutton my shorts. She whispered into my ear, “You are way over dressed for this occasion.” I stood up and her hands quickly undid my zipper and pulled my shorts off. My penis was fully engorged and sprung to attention as it was loosened from its confines. I looked down at her and she, up at me. Her wicked smile spreading over her lips as her hand caressed my erection. Her tongue moistened her lips, increasing my anticipation of what would happen next. She moved her mouth closer and looked up again.

It felt incredible. I watched as she overwhelmed my senses as her lips, tongue and hands all worked together providing me pleasure. I would disappear inside her mouth and reemerge glistening to see her tongue dancing over me. Her hands added to my pleasure caressing me with long strokes of her wonderful fingers. I knew if I let this continue, I truly would be overwhelmed and I was not ready for that, yet.

I knelt back down to kiss her yet again. I guided her down on her back as we kissed. My right hand moving down to her breasts and caressing them. Her nipple hardened as it rolled between my fingers. My mouth followed my hands. I kissed her neck and continued down. As my mouth replaced my hand on one of her breasts, my free hand journeyed down her body. I pulled a hard nipple into my mouth gently nibbling. She moaned as my fingers glided over her clitoris.

My fingers moved deeper between her thighs and found her warm and inviting. My mouth on her breast and fingers between her legs synched in tempo to her quickening breath. I felt her readying to climax. My excitement grew as my fingers and teeth heightened hers. Suddenly she yelled, "Oh god!" and I felt her orgasm on my fingers.

Not giving her a moment to recuperate, I turned her back over on her knees. Her large gorgeous ass was so inviting. I got behind her and pushed my hardness against her. She thrust back against me and suddenly I was deep inside her.

My hands grabbed her hips as I started to slide in and out of her. Passion filled me as I thrust deep only to pull back again. I all but left her comforts only to plunge home again.

Our breath, my our tempo increased. My hands roamed over her ass, her back. my fingers entwined in her hair. My cock thrust deep inside of her and I could feel her muscles grabbing me. I knew I would be coming soon. I pushed into her, she onto me. I could feel the urge of release and could hold back no longer. She joined me as our passions culminated together.

After a moment she collapsed onto her towel. I learned forward to kiss her. "Baby, you need to go. He'll be back soon." I suddenly remembered my circumstances and hurried to get dressed.

Before I left I did get one final kiss and stole one last opportunity to let my hands touch her.

As I looked back she had moved into the river.

I made my way back to the car. As I was walking, daydreaming. I bumped into my friend, the one who told me about this trail. "Hey!" he said. "Did you see my wife? She forgot her sunblock." Then he winked at me and continued down the trail.

Public Fuckings Part 1

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Public Fuckings Part 1

My girlfriend, Dawn and I went out after work a few months ago with some friends. We both work at the same place, and we met about 15 coworkers at an upstairs bar downtown. We spent a few hours there carousing and getting pretty drunk. At first things were pretty corporate and professional, but after awhile some of the light drinkers left. This left a more fun loving crowd behind and we started drinking even more. The friends we met there were mostly male, and since Dawn was wearing a blouse without many top buttons I noticed many of them checking out her cleavage throughout the night. I think she noticed too, and that was definitely turning me on. She has C cup breasts and great cleavage which I love to look at - in fact I can’t keep my hands off of it! Now it was exciting to see others looking as well. Additionally she doesn’t think she has a very good body, so I was excited that she was getting attention from the men in the room because I knew that must be a huge boost for her self confidence. Occasionally throughout the night she would give my thigh a squeeze as she noticed someone checking out her chest as if to let me know it was okay.

As the night wore on she and I got drunker and drunker. I was getting progressively hornier with each round of drinks, and Dawn seemed to be too. I couldn’t wait to get her back home to our house and screw her. I began to squeeze her thighs a bit and occasionally let my fingers wander up to her crotch, stroking it quickly through the denim. She nudged me under the table and I couldn’t tell if it was a “stop” nudge or not. A couple times when she squeezed my thigh she let her fingers graze across my cock which I loved. Eventually there were only a few of us left and it was closing time, so we headed out to the parking lot. We said goodbye to our friends outside the bar and staggered to our car parked across the street under a streetlight.

As we got in the car, the light from the streetlight above was shining in on Dawn. She looked incredibly beautiful sitting in the passenger seat in her tight top and jeans, the beautiful cleavage showing pale white in the streetlight. Rather than start the car, I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back passionately, grabbing the back of my head and sticking her tongue in my mouth, swirling it in and out. She hadn’t kissed me like that in a while, and I was thoroughly enjoying it. She began biting my bottom lip, nibbling it with her teeth while she pulled me closer to her.

Soon we were making out like crazy high school kids. I reached up and began squeezing her tits through the top, filling my hands with her beautiful C cup breasts and pinching her swollen nipples gently with my fingers. She was enjoying that immensely, so I unbuttoned a button on her blouse and stuck my hand down inside her shirt and bra to cup her tit. She moaned, all the while kissing me like crazy and biting my bottom lip. I pulled both her beautiful tits up over her bra to let the light streaming into the car bathe them as I pinched her nipples. She leaned her head back and moaned. Then I saw her look down at her own tits being bathed in the light form the streetlight above. This seemed to turn her on as much as it did me, and she squeezed them lightly while I finished unbuttoning her blouse to let more light fall unto her fabulous chest. As soon as her blouse was totally unbuttoned, she took it off and threw it forcefully into the back seat. Then she reached around and unhooked the bra, throwing it into the back seat too.

Now Dawn was naked from the waist up. The streetlight was illuminating her gorgeous C cup breasts, and she squeezed them with both hands, pushing them up further into the rays of light coming in through the car’s windshield. I began sucking them madly and nibbling her now erect nipples. They loved the attention and seemed to throb in response to my nibbling. I licked around the quarter-sized nipples and teased them with my tongue. Dawn was moaning and pulling my head hard unto her chest. It was pretty clear to me by this point that we were going to fuck in the car regardless of how bright the damn streetlights were, so I unbuttoned her jeans and reached in to rub the front of her crotch, teasing her clit with my fingers. She immediately leaned the seat back, removing her jeans and her panties with them. These also were flung immediately into the back seat. She kept looking around to see if anyone was watching us as she stripped down naked, but by then I don’t think it would’ve mattered. She was incredibly horny and I was too!

Dawn was now completely naked in the front seat of our parked car. The streetlight shone in the windshield illuminating her gorgeous body and creamy white skin. She reached down began slowly stroking her pussy hair, letting it slide between her fingers as she moved her hands across the bushy mound. Then she let her fingers wander further down between her legs and began to finger herself, moaning as she stroked herself, running an index finger slowly in and out of herself.

“God, baby,” I said, “you look so amazing!” She responded by arching her back to shove her cunt into the illumination of the streetlight, so she could see her fingers going into herself, first one - then two. She spread herself open to the light from the parking lot, almost inviting anyone out there to see her passionate masturbation. I admit the thought of someone watching both frightened me and turned me on incredibly. I reached over to feel her and found she was completely dripping wet. I rubbed the top of her moist mound in the rays of yellow light and she moaned appreciatively. As I gently pushed my fingers into her, she moaned more loudly and said, “I want you to take your pants off and fuck me. Right here.”

Needless to say, I was incredibly horny by now, and I did as I was told. As I took off my shoes and began unbuttoning my shirt, I could see her continuing to rub the bushy mound of her pussy, slipping her fingers slowly in and out of her wet cunt and rubbing her clitoris with her thumb, moaning and licking her lips as she lifter her head occasionally to check for onlookers.

“Leave your shirt on, she said. “Just take off your shoes and pants and fuck me.”

As she said this, she spread her legs as wide as the car would allow, resting both her feet on the dash. The bright light from the parking lot now totally illuminated her glistening pussy as she stroked it feverishly. Her hands looked so beautiful and delicate as she masturbated. I could tell she was very close to cumming already. The liquor and the semi-public setting was making her so hot that she would I knew she would cum any minute.

I almost wanted to wait and let her make herself cum because she looked so amazingly beautiful laying there in the streetlight finger fucking herself passionately, but I couldn’t stand it any more. I got my jeans off and climbed on top of her. Dawn moaned as I slid into her. Her pussy was so dripping wet that I had no effort going right up to the hilt immediately. She began to grind herself hard against me, grabbing my rear and pulling me deeper into her. She moaned in ear “Yes! Yes!” as she ground her pubic mound against mine. She began biting my ear and chest and moaning.

“Oh, God, Fuck me baby,” she moaned heavily into my ear between nibbles. I began to drive even harder and harder into her, and she came quickly, throwing her head back in a long final moan. I felt her spasm and relax around my cock as her juices made her already sopping wet cunt even wetter. Then she put her legs up on the roof of the car as I pounded into her faster and faster sinking my cock to the hilt. I drove hard against her, listening to the slapping sound as she pressed her legs on the roof of the car for leverage against my slamming cock and balls. Soon I came myself in a giant, shuddering spasm, and I collapsed on top of her, my cock still throbbing inside of her.

We dressed hastily, retrieving our clothes from the back seat, and drove home. We giggled about our adventure and wondered whether anyone had seen us or not. For all we know our friends from work may have watched us fucking like rabbits in the front seat of our car! Wouldn’t that be some water cooler gossip! It’s been six months since this story happened and we continue to have sex in public and I make sure I write a story of every adventure so be ready for the next part…….

Wife's First Sex With Another Man

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Wife's First Sex With Another Man

Wife's First Sex With Another Man

I think SexStoryLand is absolutely the greatest! It's a pleasure to view real life Mothers and Housewives who share their beauty with others. And the stories are so erotic!! I have read many of your stories and love them. I wanted to submit a real life event, which happened to my wife and I some years ago.

When I met Janice I was 19 and on my way to Vietnam. She wrote me every day, and we became very close friends. After my military obligation, I moved to Texas to be with her. We fell in love. I was the first man to have sex with her. She was so innocent, and I loved her.

We soon married and began a life together. One nite while lying in bed, watching a well known late night show, she commented she would like to have sex with the host of the TV show! I was shocked!! I knew she had never had sex with anyone other than me, and the idea turned me on. We began sharing fantasies of her having sex with another man. This was a tremendous turn on for both of us. We continued with our little "fantasies" for many years. She knew I wanted her to have sex with someone else, but in reality we both knew she wouldn't. She was raised believing you only had sex with your husband.

I had a male friend, John, who was single. We always talked openly about sex. He was a little older than me, and it was very easy to talk with him. I learned he had quite a collection of "naughty" movies at home and would go borrow one occasionally. Janice knew where I got them, and was ok with it, and loved watching them with me. We had many a blissful night in front of the TV, having sex on the living room floor! She went with me one night to select a movie from him, and met him for the first time. He asked her how she liked the movies, and she blushed, telling him, it was fun. He told her about all the movies he had, and asked her what she liked. He invited us in to preview a few and I let her choose one. She was enjoying being "naughty" in front of another man. He would tease her about sex, and she loved it. She knew it turned me on, and I think it got her hot talking to another man about it. I raped her when we got home. I told her how much it turned me on listening to her talk that way with John. She admitted it really got her hot.

One night I told Janice that I wanted her to "star" in a movie with me, and let John watch it. I told her I would like for him to see her naked in front of the camera and watch me fuck her. Much to my disappointment, she said no. She did agree, however, to let me make movie for our own use. One night I set the camera up and we made our first sex movie! It was such a turn on to see my wife acting sexy in front of the camera. She bought a sexy outfit to be filmed in. She always kept her pussy shaved for me, and she liked to show it off on film. Janice is 5'2" tall, and medium build, with short blonde hair and beautiful firm tits. We soon had a couple of movies of us in our bedroom. I should mention we were both in our late 40's at this time.

I had told my friend about me filming the movies with my wife, and he hinted that he would love to watch one. He assured me he would never let her know he saw it. The thought of another man watching me fuck Janice really excited me. I knew she would kill me if she found out, but I took the video to his house and we watched it. It was a strange feeling watching him getting turned on by Janice's naked body. I felt a bit of jealousy, but at the same time, I was turned on by it. He commented several times how he loved watching she and I having sex. I finally told him of our fantasy of wanting to involve another man in our sex life. He hinted he wished he could be the lucky one! As we watched the movie, we both had throbbing hard ons. I noticed him rubbing his. It appeared huge.

One night I told Janice I had let him watch the movie of us. Quite to my surprise, she wasn't angry. She seemed embarrassed, but asked if he thought she was sexy. I assured her he thought she was very sexy. When we had sex, she would always ask me about what he and I did while we watched that movie. I told her we both got huge hard ons and talked about him coming over to fuck her while I watched! She responded, "Oh my God, you didn't!" She worried that she would be embarrassed the next time she saw him, although I could tell it turned her on. She loved being the center of attention. When we would have sex, she would ask me how big his dick was, and wondered how it would feel inside her pussy. Although I knew it turned her on, I knew it would never happen.

I told John that Janice was ok with him seeing the movie of her. The next time we went to his house to pick up a new one, he invited us in and we soon retreated to his bedroom where he kept his movies and VCR. I had brought one of Janice and I for him to watch. Janice was unaware of this. He commented to her that she was sexier than any porn star, and he wished he could watch another one of her in action. She blushed, and said if he was nice she might let me make another one. I produced the one I had brought for him, and Janice almost died! She begged him not to watch it until we left. I told him to put it in, and soon we were watching my little 46-year-old porn star in action. Janice was so embarrassed. She and I lay back on his bed while we all watched the movie of her. After we got home, she related to me she had never been so turned on in her life knowing he was watching her. Needless to say, we jumped into bed and screwed our brains out.

When it was over, I held Janice in my arms and we talked. She asked me if I really wanted to watch another man fuck her. I told her I did. She told me she liked John and felt comfortable with him. She asked how I would feel about her after it was over. I convinced her I'd never stop loving her. She told me if I was sure, to set it up and she'd try, but I had to promise not to get mad if she couldn't go through with it. I notified John who was ready by now.

It was coming up New Years Eve, and I thought what better time to do it. I told Janice I wanted to invite him over for drinks. She was so nervous! I told her I wanted to go shopping with her and help get her ready for him. We went out to a hair salon and she had her hair done. I took her to a nail salon where she got a manicure, and pedicure. We then went to Victoria's Secret and bought her some sexy panties, a bra, and naughty little Teddy. She loved the pampering she was getting.

I couldn't wait for him to arrive that evening. When he finally did, we all talked a while. I put on some sexy slow music, and he asked her to dance. I am not a dancer, and it was exciting seeing her enjoying herself with him. We had some snacks and a few more drinks. Finally midnight arrived and she kissed him on the mouth. It was just a friendly kiss. When she pulled away, he pulled her back and gave her a long, wet kiss. She was reluctant at first, but soon kissed him back.

When she pulled away, she laughed, saying she hadn't kissed like that in a while. She was really getting turned on. She excused herself and went into the bedroom. A few minutes later, she called me in. She had the lights off, and a candle burning on the table next to the bed. She was wearing the Teddy we bought her, with nothing on under it except her panties and bra. She was breathing hard, and had goose bumps on her arms. She was nervous. I kissed her and told her how much I loved her. As I ran my hand between her legs, I could feel how wet her panties were. I knew she was enjoying it. She asked me if I was sure, and I told her to enjoy herself. I called John and she got on the bed. That was all we needed. We both got undressed got on either side of her. I was right about John's dick. He had a huge erection! When he laid down next to Janice, she felt his erection, and said "Oh my God"!! It was almost twice the length of mine. Janice had never had anything that large!

We all began playing and touching. Janice likes to be kissed, and got plenty of that. John took off her Teddy and bra. He sucked her breasts as she looked at me. She was running her fingers through his hair, and he had his hand in her panties. I knew he was enjoying one of the wettest, tightest pussies he had ever seen. Janice was moving her hips around as he played with her. From her sounds, she was close to coming. She told John to stop or she would come. She pushed him back and went down on him, taking his 10" dick in her mouth. She could hardly get half of it in. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My beautiful wife in the arms of another man.

She continued to suck him as I slid my fingers into her panties and into her wet pussy. Again she made me stop before we made her come. She laid back and pulled John to her. He began kissing her again. He then started to slide her panties down over her hips. She grabbed his hand at first, but then let him lower them a little. She finally raised her hips and he took them off, revealing her freshly shaved pussy, which was wetter than I had ever seen it. John kissed his way down to her pussy, and ate her until she screamed for him to stop. Janice pulled him up and he got on top of her. Janice looked so small as he mounted her. She spread her lovely legs, and reached between his legs to take his penis and guide him into her pussy. As his penis touched the lips of her pussy, I thought I was going to die.

My wife was about to be ravaged by a cock larger than she had ever seen. He began easing it into her a little at a time. She came before he was half way inside her. She screamed so loud I thought he had hurt her. She asked him to stop for a minute. He then resumed entry into my wife, and began fucking her with long slow strokes. She was loving his huge dick. I couldn't believe she took it so well. She had her arms around his back and one in his hair as he fucked her. They kissed a lot. Janice looked into my eyes as he continued to fuck her to another orgasm. When she closed her eyes, I knew she was coming. He stopped for a moment and then continued. They fucked for almost an hour. I was watching my wife getting fucked like she never had before. She had 2 orgasms as he fucked her. He finally began to pump into her faster as she held him tightly. He began to moan and she knew he was about to come in her. She looked at me and smiled as he started coming in her. He finally slowed to a stop.

As he pulled out to get up, I could see her pussy lips open with loads of cum running down her legs. He rolled off and I slid up beside her. I felt her pussy, which was full of his come. She was loose and sloppy after him fucking her. She pushed my head down and asked me to eat her. I did, and couldn't believe how much come she had in her. I finally got on her and fucked her for all I was worth. She held me for a long time after I had finished.

After it was over, we all got up and Janice put on a short robe. We went into the kitchen where she made breakfast for us. It was 3:00am. After eating, we all agreed John would spend the night with us. She slept in the middle. During the night John fucked her again as I watched. She was worn out and sore by morning. She couldn't believe she had taken such a huge dick in her.

We all got up and had coffee, then John left. We all agreed since we were friends it had been a fun experience. That evening John came back over for a repeat performance.

I love Janice, and we talk about our experience when we're bored in bed. That was her first and only time with another man.

My Boyfriend Fucking My Mon Pt 1

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My Boyfriend Fucking My Mon Pt 1

This is the story of when I caught my boy friend fucking my mom. I've had more than a few adventures in my life and I might share more later, but back to this story first....

I had just turned 19 and was dating a 20 year old guy named Charles. We both went to a local college and lived at home. Well, I we ended up fucking on our third date and by the fifth date Charles gave me my first orgasm. Now, I had three boy friends before him and I had fucked each one but I never got off before. Needless to say this made Charles VERY special to me.

My parents were split and I lived with my dad but I would spend a lot of time at my mom's. When she was out of town I always took my BF's to her place for a night of sex. One night while Charles and I were there we found some photos of my mom. They were all of her on the bed and then we found an album under the bed that was full of fuck shots of her and different men.

This FREAKED me out and ruined the night. Most people don't want to think of their parents fucking and I had seen photos of her with at dozen different guys. After several days Charles had assured me it was natural and my mom was an adult. That weekend we when back to her place and got the album out again. Soon Charles was pounding away on me while I looked at my mom's photos of her having sex.

We did every position in her book. We finished by fucking on her dinning table until we both came. Everything was great between me and Charles for about 6 months. Then my mom asked if I would get him to pick up her new bedroom set and take it to her place. Sure I said...I could only think of us breaking in the bed for her.

So I asked and Charles was more than happy to help. Two weeks later mom was out of town and we were breaking in the new bed. I must admit the thought of fucking in the same bed mom had fucked in really made me hot and cum hard.

We didn't get a chance to use her place again for about three weeks and then one Wednesday she called and asked if I would help clean her place for a big party she was having. I said sure and I'd do it all for her since she let me crash at her place so often.

Thursday I'm there and cleaning the place up and I think I'll get the album out and may have my own little party while I looked at the cocks mom fucks.

She had added a new page at the end so I knew there had been a new cock in her pussy. Great I thought. I looked though the photos and came when I to the last page. I thought something was funny but didn't think about it too much. I started cumming and I lay there cooling down. After about five minutes I got up and I barely got it back in place before my mom walked in the door.

I clean in the nude so here I was standing in her room but naked and fresh from fingering my cunt off. She knew I clean in the nude but I think she also knew what I had just done. She just laughed and pinched my butt as she walked by and told me great job. I was getting dressed when she came back in her bedroom and fell on the bed in the same place I had been in 10 minutes earlier.

I said bye picked up my keys and headed out the door. When I got home I realized my purse was at moms and I needed it. I tried calling but got no answer. So I headed back. I didn't think mom had any company so I just let myself in and I heard to sound of fucking in the back. I had fucked enough and watched enough fuck films to know the sound when I hear it. My mom was telling her lover to slam that hard cock into her pussy.

At first I thought I needed to get out of there but then I thought it would be hot to watch her fuck. I went into he second bedroom because it has a connecting closet. I slipped into the closet and slowly pushed through the clothes to the slatted door. I could see my mom was riding her lover reverse cowgirl (this is one of my fav positions).

She has great tilts for someone her age and I was turned on watching her bounce up and down on this guys cock. All my attention was on her as she rode the hell out of that cock. I was so turned on I dropped my shorts and started fingering myself. I noticed she had shaved her pussy bare and could tell she had a nice size cock in her.

She started announcing that she was coming and I was about to cum to when her lover sat up and grabbed both tilts. Oh my god! It was Charles she was fucking. I froze and was unable to move. He pushed her down on the bed and then lifted her ass in the air and pushed his cock into her in one thrust.

She moaned and told him to tear up her pussy and fill her box full of his cock juice. I could not move! Here I was 6 feet from my boy friend and mom and I'm watching them fuck like rabbits.

It seemed like they fucked forever before she told him to wait and she got up. She went to the dresser and got her camera gave it to him and told him to take photos of his cock while it pumped her full of cum. Suddenly I knew why the last photos in the book bothered me. They were photos of Charles' cock!

She went back to the bed and pulled her leg up to her shoulders. Charles didn't need to be told what to do. He slowly pushed his cock into her waiting pussy. She was telling him to give it to her hard and fast. He was taking photos while they fucked. It didn't take long before he told her he was about to cum. I didn't realize it but I was fingering my clit again and I was going to cum with them.

Here I was fingering my clit with my BF 6 feet away pounding away on my mom and I was about to cum. He started taking photos so I knew he was cumming. He then pulled out and put the camera about a foot away and started taking photos of her pussy. She told Charles to take photos more while him cum ran out of her pussy. I could see it all and it was too much. I started cumming and lost my balance. I then fell froward hitting the door and knocking it down as I fell into the room.

Talk about one of those OH FUCK!!! moments. What could any of us do? I had just caught my boy friend fucking my mom and had even fingered myself off too. There was no doubt what I had done too as I lay there it was pretty clear with my hand stuck in my panties with my shorts at my ankles.

We were all frozen until my mom told Charles to get me up on that bed and fuck me good. But that is another story for later...